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Crafting a safety plan unique to each project


Here is some excellent information that will give you an idea of how to start your safety plan for each unique construction project and its many phases. Being prepared never hurt anyone It is hard to begin to name all the risks that come with working in construction and being well prepared never hurt anyone. Construction industry is at the top of the list in the number of work related injuries and it also has the highest worker fatality rates. The numbers have to alarm both workers, managers, and contractors. A responsible team leader, manager, or supervisor will make sure [...]

Crafting a safety plan unique to each project2019-07-16T16:49:51-07:00

5 Tips to stay hydrated during the summer


Hot weather is fast approaching this summer. It is essential to keep in mind that summer heat can cause some serious health risks if we are not careful. Construction workers are often working under the sun all day long. For those of you who will have their team working under the blazing sun, it is crucial to keep in mind a few critical tips to avoid health-related issues. Stay protected and follow these tips: Stay Hydrated Make sure you are drinking water all day. It is suggested to drink water every 15 minutes. Keep water near at all times, and [...]

5 Tips to stay hydrated during the summer2019-06-19T14:54:11-07:00

Taking Safety to the extreme


Extreme Safety, Inc. Opened its doors for business on May 1992. This month we celebrate our 27th year serving our community. The experiences we've had the adventures that await us is what makes our company great. We are so Grateful to be able to celebrate another great year of success in taking Safety to the extreme for new and old businesses. We pride in knowing that for 27 years we have been helping your business stay or become a safe work environment. We are equipped with the best product and the best staff members. Our team is always taking Safety [...]

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Safety Network Partnership


At Extreme Safety, we are happy to announce that we have joined Safety Network! Through this network, we are able to help our customers and clients receive top quality supplies. Safety Network is dedicated to serving and advancing the safety industry. They are not only safety buyers but are a hub for any safety industry answers, resources, and support. The mission is to enable partners and members to communicate with each other to develop relationships. Safety training and education on SEE Certification is designed to help people become “Safety Specialist.”  It’s not just training, but also a combination with the [...]

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3 Reasons why confined space training is beneficial


3 Reasons why confined space training is beneficial If you work in a field that requires you to work in very small spaces, then confined space training is extremely beneficial for your safety. It can be dangerous to work in a limited space. Places like ventilation shafts, storage tanks, boilers, mines and silos can be very risky for employees that are not properly trained to work in these spots for long periods of time. And not only is this hazardous, but it is also illegal not to have the adequate training. Having proper training to work in confined spaces comes [...]

3 Reasons why confined space training is beneficial2019-03-18T13:35:39-07:00

Maintaining the safety of your hard hat


Maintaining the safety of your hard hat Whether you work in construction, welding, or any other type of industrial job, you know the importance of safety. These types of professions demand safety awareness, and hard hats are no exception. Hard hats are made to protect anyone from head injuries on the job. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requires all company employers to provide their workers with hard hats and make sure that they use them. Head injuries are very common in these fields and can become fatal very quickly. The most common ways to get hurt are; falling objects, [...]

Maintaining the safety of your hard hat2019-02-19T15:46:39-07:00

Ladder Safety around the Holidays


Ladder Safety around the Holidays It’s time to start decorating your house for the holidays! That’s means you can finally pull out those Christmas lights out of the garage and start turning your home into a winter wonderland. Among most of the props you will use to décor your home; we all know that twinkle lights are the cherry on top for showing off that Holiday spirit. Even though it’s a time to have fun turning your house into a shining arcadia, you should also be aware of ladder safety when it comes to putting up Christmas lights or any [...]

Ladder Safety around the Holidays2019-01-15T01:01:14-07:00

Why you should take CPR classes


Why you should take CPR classes You never know what might happen day to day. Unfortunately, there are scenarios that we can’t avoid and overlooking health and safety can come at a price. Having CPR training under your belt can not only save your life, but it can save your family’s life, children’s lives, and even a stranger’s life. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) is the life-saving technique that helps manage the blood flow to the brain and heart in emergency situations. Is CPR important for work life? Many jobs of jobs these days request that you obtain a CPR certificate. Firemen, [...]

Why you should take CPR classes2019-01-15T01:00:30-07:00

Prevent accidents on the jobs and ultimately protect yourself With Extreme Safety


Prevent accidents on the jobs and ultimately protect yourself. When working in industries that involve operating heavy machinery, like the construction industry, it is no hidden secret that accidents on the jobs may happen. It could be something as simple as a loose shoes string that someone trips over and ends up critically hurting themselves or someone else. Perhaps one of your guys didn’t want to wear their protective eye wear and now they are going home with the loss of eyesight in one eye… Even though we cannot always protect every aspect of a crew of any size from [...]

Prevent accidents on the jobs and ultimately protect yourself With Extreme Safety2018-09-19T00:03:10-07:00