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How to Prepare for Natural Disasters on Construction Sites

The United States is vulnerable to disasters. Many states are exposed to multiple hazards, including wildfires, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and landslides. Construction sites should be well-prepared to face any natural disaster. Without sufficient disaster preparedness, a natural or man-made disaster can affect your business and [...]

Beat the Heat: How to Stay Cool at a Construction Site

The dog days are here, and while it’s nice to work on a nice sunny day, it’s important to recognize the dangers of working under hot weather conditions. Construction is one of the industries where workers are at the highest risk for heat-related illnesses due [...]

4 Tips for Preventing Chemical Spills in the Workplace

There are dozens of industries that handle hazardous materials on a daily basis.  Aside from the health risks posed to the employees by chemical leak and spills, these substances also harm the environment, damage facilities equipment, and cause major financial losses in companies. It’s important [...]

3 Things to Know About Hazardous Material Storage

From respiratory protection and gloves to goggles to coveralls, workers have to protect themselves and take many precautions when working in an environment that has hazardous materials. However, working directly with it isn't always the issue. Simply storing the chemical can be just as dangerous [...]

Safety Hazards for Truckers and How to Prevent Them

Truck driving has long been one of the most dangerous jobs in the US because truck drivers experience more fatalities and serious injuries significantly higher than other occupations. In 2019, 843 truck drivers lost their lives on the job. Truck drivers experience a fatality rate [...]

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