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Short Safety Talks: Tips and Ideas to Improve Your Presentations

Are you looking for short safety talks tips and ideas to improve your presentations? We know that giving work presentations and speeches can be awkward and boring. Make your next work safety talk or meeting informative and fun for your employees. You’ll want to speak [...]

Safety Goggles or Safety Glasses – Which Is Right for Your Job?

Do you have a company where your workers need protective eye and face wear? Not sure which protective eyewear is right for your employees? Safety goggles and safety glasses are a necessity for many jobs. However, they provide different uses. Safety goggles or safety glasses, [...]

Addressing Safety Challenges in Clean Room Environments

Keeping a safe and secure place of work, especially in clean room environments, is extremely important. Clean and sanitized work environments are unique and require special attention and particular safety measures. Keep reading to find out the different ways companies are addressing safety challenges in [...]

How to Implement Standard Work Instructions and Improve Safety

Are you trying to find different ways to implement standard work instructions (SWI's) and improve safety at your company and amongst your workers? There are two levels of standard work instructions, the "what" and the "how". Standard work instructions allow people to go through documented [...]

Why a Safe, Healthy Workplace is Good for the Bottom Line

Workplace safety is top priority, regardless of the industry type or size. Without the proper workplace safety measures, a company is putting its employees, customers, revenue, and brand reputation in danger. Failure to train employees on how to maintain a safe workplace environment may [...]

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