Construction workers are at risk of many on-site injuries. Dressing appropriately for each job is vital to staying safe and minimizing risks. In this article, we share the importance of wearing one particular safety item, safety gloves. Read along to learn about the importance of safety gloves and why you should always have a pair of this PPE.

PPE Equipment

Before we fully divulge into wearing safety gloves, we thought we’d take the time to discuss PPE, what it stands for, and what it includes. PPE stands for personal protective equipment. It is protective gear made to prevent and minimize workplace injuries. The injuries can be anything from chemical, electrical, physical, or other types of injuries. PPE equipment includes hard hats, safety glasses, work boots, visibility vests, and safety gloves.

OSHA Requirements

The Occupation Safety and Health Administration is the United States Labor Department’s regulatory agency. It oversees work conditions, ensuring employers comply with the government’s safety standards. One of their requirements includes the use of safety gloves. According to OSHA 1910.138, “Employers shall select and require employees to use appropriate hand protection when employees’ hands are exposed to hazards such as those from skin absorption of harmful substances; severe cuts or lacerations; severe abrasions; punctures; chemical burns; thermal burns; and harmful temperature extremes.” For this reason, having a set of protective gloves as part of your everyday wear while working is essential.

Types of Safety Gloves

There are a ton of different ways to sustain hand injuries. And just as such, there are different types of safety gloves available. Each glove provides unique protection. It is important to take your time to research the different ones available. Depending on your line of work, you’ll have to select a particular pair over another for maximum protection. When choosing a pair of safety gloves, you’ll want to make sure their made for your profession, their durability, how they fit, their costs, and if they come with other features. Safety glove collections include fabric, leather, canvas, and chemical-resistant gloves.

Find Your Perfect Pair

Safety gloves are essential to keeping you and your team safe. Whether you’re a builder, electrician, or in some other industry, safety gloves are a must. If you’re looking for the perfect pair, contact one of our team members. We’re more than happy to assist you and provide you with an amazing selection of safety gloves. Call at (310) 856-0166 or click here.