It can be challenging to choose the proper hearing protection and differentiate the best one for your company and workers. That’s why our Extreme Safety team came up with how to choose the right hearing protection for your workers and business. Whether you work in the construction industry or at a warehouse, we provide all of the protective equipment that you’ll need to stay safe on the job.

Earplug Protection

When working with loud and heavy machinery, it is essential to wear earplug protection to protect your hearing and eardrums. There are multiple types of earplug protection, depending on the job you’re doing. Expandable foam plugs are simple and easily fit anyone’s ear, providing quick and comfortable protection. Pre-molded earplugs can be made of silicone, plastic, or rubber and offer a washable and reusable foam design. Canal caps provide the feeling of earplugs with an added headband for extra support and convenience.

Earmuff Protection

Another common form of hearing protection is earmuffs. Earmuffs cover the outer ear instead of protecting the ear canal, however, they still offer better protection for high-frequency noise. If you think earmuffs are suitable for your business, reach out to our Extreme Safety experts.

Making the Right Choice

It is essential to do your research on the correct equipment you should be giving to your workers at your company and recognize the safety needs of your employees. If you’re unsure of which hearing protection you should purchase, let our professional staff assist you with finding the perfect protective equipment for your business.

Why You Should Choose Extreme Safety!

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