Do you use head protection at your place of work? Head protection is crucial when you work with large items and heavy machinery. That’s why our Extreme Safety team came up with the 10 things to know about head protection and why hard hats are an essential protective item to wear while on the job.

1. Head Protection is Mandatory for Many Jobs

It is important to remember that head protection is mandatory for many jobs. If you run a company where your workers are near objects that could fall or strike them on the head or if they are near large pipes and electrical equipment that their head could come into contact with, then it should be a requirement for your employees to wear hard hats and other protective gear.

2. All Hard Hats Aren’t Equal

When it comes to hard hats, they aren’t all created equal. There are two types and three different industrial classes of hard hats, and wearing the wrong one can compromise a worker’s protection on the job.

3. Even When a Hard Hat Isn’t Required, a Bump Hat May Be

Bump hats are used in areas with low head clearance where workers can easily hit their heads. However, these helmets don’t protect against falling or flying objects but still provide enough protection for workers who may not need type one or two hard hats.

4. Sizing Matters

Like any protective equipment, it must be fitted to each worker to ensure complete safety. Hard hats come in many different sizes and have adjustable headbands so that workers can easily fit their hats to their heads. If you’re looking for hard hats or other fitted protective equipment, reach out to our Extreme Safety Experts.

5. Maintenance is Key to Proper Function

Properly maintaining all of your protective equipment, especially your hard hat, is essential to ensuring that you’re safe on the job at all times. Do daily inspections and look for cracks or damages on your hard hat before putting it on. Report the issue and get a new hard hat if you spot signs of damage.

6. Accessories Can Boost Head Protection

Nowadays, many hard hats allow the person wearing it to add accessories like earmuffs, safety glasses, face shields, mounted lights, and wide brims to protect from the hot sun or harsh weather.

7. Smart Hard Hats Do More Than Protect the Head

Hard hats do more than just protect your head. They also have advanced smart, hard hats that can detect your temperature so that you don’t overheat while you’re at work. There are many different technologically advanced ways in which a hard hat can keep you safe.

8. If Protective Hardware is Struck, It Should Be Replaced

If your protective gear is struck or damaged while you’re working, it should immediately be inspected and replaced.

9. Hi-Vis Head Protection is a Thing

If your workers need high-visibility head protection, reflective tape is often the best choice, as paint solvents can weaken the shell of hard hats, making them susceptible to cracks.

10. Hard Hat Liners Help Workers in Cold Weather

Hard hat liners are great for workers, especially in cold weather. Hard hat liners come in several styles, from those covering just the head and ears to those covering nearly the entire face, and will adequately protect workers from the outdoor elements.

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