hearing conservation

OSHA requires employers to enact a hearing conservation program in any workplaces where
employees are exposed to 85 decibels of noise (8-hour time-weighted average).
As you can imagine, construction sites and the equipment used on them regularly exceed this 85
decibel limit. This level of exposure can lead to permanent hearing loss and tinnitus (a permanent
ringing or buzzing in the ear) unless workers use proper hearing protection.

A hearing conservation program may involve:

  •  Performing a noise contour study and recording the levels of
    noise workers are subjected to
  • Performing baseline hearing tests on workers who are
    required to wear hearing protection
  • Performing annual follow-up hearing tests to verify that the
    protective measures are adequate and that no hearing loss
    has occurred

If engineering measures such as soundproofing or using quieter
equipment can reduce the noise levels on the construction site, this
is an important step to take, but it isn’t sufficient. Since hearing loss is
irreversible, we cannot afford to take chances: training and PPE are essential.

There are three components to the effective use of hearing PPE:

  •  Choose earplugs or earmuffs with an
    adequate noise reduction rating (NRR)
  • Provide these to your workers,
    along with training on how to
    use them
  • Enforce the use of hearing
    PPE (providing the equipment
    without enforcing its use can
    be deemed negligent on the
    part of the employe)

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EncoreTM Reusable Earplugs

The Cordova Safety Products-brand Encore line of ear plugs offer
a soft, comfortable fit. These hi-vis lime, thermoplastic rubber
(TPR) earplugs are reusable. They feature a four-flanged shape
and are attached together with a convenient textile cord.

VeriShield™ 100 Series Passive Earmuffs

Hearing protection equipment is only effective if it’s used, so
comfort for long wear periods is essential. The NEW VeriShield™
100 Series Passive Earmuffs are designed to comfortably fit a wide
range of head sizes, have a wide cup opening with memory foam ear cushions,
and a lightweight cushioned headband. This combination of comfort and reliable
protection provides workers with a hearing solution they will want to wear.

Glide® Foam No Roll Twist-In Earplugs – NRR 30dB

Glide Foam earplug’s unique multi-curved stem helps the plug
to turn its way inside the ear canal for a quick and effortless fit.
You simply push & twist to find your fit. The no roll down design
is perfect for workers with dirty hands or wearing gloves. Glide, like all Moldex
products and packaging, is 100% PVC-Free for a greener alternative. Plus, Moldex
offers the convenience, increased compliance and cost savings of our popular
earplug dispenser, the PlugStation with Glide Foam earplugs with cord.

  •  Unique multi-curved stem rotates for a custom fit
  • Large handle on curved stem for easy insertion & removal
  • No roll down design is perfect for workers with dirty hands or wearing gloves
  • Cord can be attached at any desired length
  • Look for the bright green color as a symbol of Moldex quality
  • Independently tested to ANSI S3.19-1974
  • 100% PVC-Free, like all Moldex products & packaging – for a greener alternative
  • Large soft foam pod for a comfortable, snug seal
  • Made in USA