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Construction work has a higher rate of eye injury than any other industry. It’s responsible for more than 10,600 occupational eye injuries each year.

Eye injuries on construction sites have many causes, the most common of which are:

  • Flying objects (bits of metal, glass, wooden splinters or sawdust)
  • Impact from tools
  • Particles
  • Chemical splashes
  • Harmful radiation

Despite these various causes, on-the-job eye injuries usually boil down to one of two things:

  1. Workers not wearing eye protection (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this is the case in 3 out of 5 instances of eye injury)
  2. Workers not wearing the right protection for the job/application


Safety glasses are the premier form of eye protection, and employers must provide them whenever the threat of eye injuries is present. Each pair must meet the requirements set out in ANSI Z87.1.


While safety glasses mainly provide protection against impact and certain kinds of debris and splashes, goggles are used when the eye needs more thorough protection from exposure to harmful substances. Goggles create a seal around the eyes to protect them from dust, liquid chemicals and some gases and vapors.


When it’s not just the eyes that need protection, workers must wear a faceshield. These provide full-face protection from flying objects, liquids, sparks and other hazards.

Faceshields are critical for some types of work but they are considered secondary protection. That means they must be worn over other PPE, either safety glasses or safety goggles.

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CatalystTM Safety Glasses

The Cordova brand Catalyst™ safety glasses are designed to protect your eyes from dirt and debris while providing a cool, modern look. They feature a scratch-resistant, polycarbonate lens with a bayonet temple design and shiny, black nylon frames. Catalyst safety glasses are equipped with comfortable thermoplastic rubber clam shell nose piece and temples. These safety glasses provide 99.9% UV protection.

Skullerz® Sköll Safety Glasses // Sunglasses

Sköll is a sleek half frame “blade style” model with all the style and features you’ve come to expect from Skullerz® eye protection at an outstanding value. Flexible rubber temples and non-slip nose piece.


  • These glasses can be customized with any logo
  • Meet ANSI Z87.1+, CSA Z94.3 & MIL-PRF 32432 Ballistic Impact
  • Scratch-resistant lens blocks 99.9% of harmful UV Rays
  • Single lens, blade-frame design provides wide field of vision and coverage
  • Rubber temple tips and non-slip nose piece provides a snug, comfortable fit
  • Available Fog-Off™ technology won’t wash or wear off
  • Patent pending

Honeywell Avatar

Honeywell Uvex Avatar™ is designed with the worker in mind. Our innovative technology allows for eight points of adjustability in this customizable, stylish eyewear. They’ll think you had these made just for them, and you’ll know your workers are safe. Available in four colors and five different lens tints, there is a Uvex Avatar for every worker.

Bouton® Optical Rimless Safety Glasses

Bouton® Optical Rimless Safety Glasses with Gray Frame, Clear Lens, Foam Padding and Anti-Scratch / FogLess® 3Sixty™ Coating


  • Lightweight, comfortable foam-sealed design keeps out dust & airborne particles
  • Flexible co-injected temples provide a comfortable fit
  • Enhanced FogLess®3Sixty™