Do you have a company where your workers need protective eye and face wear? Not sure which protective eyewear is right for your employees? Safety goggles and safety glasses are a necessity for many jobs. However, they provide different uses. Safety goggles or safety glasses, which is right for your job? At Extreme Safety, we can provide your business with top-quality safety materials and assist our customers with choosing the correct products for their company and workers.

Base Protection: Safety Glasses

Safety glasses provide just the right amount of protection for your eyes. Safety glasses are typically bigger with stronger lenses that rest on your face comfortably like regular eyeglasses.

Stepping It Up: Safety Goggles

Unlike safety glasses, safety goggles offer more protection for the eyes and face. They have a wider lens, which adds extra coverage to the eyes and facial features. Safety goggles keep contaminants from entering the eyes, which provides even more protection from splashes or fine particles.

Additional Consideration

Although it is crucial to ensure that your staff is protected and safe with the proper safety gear and features during their job, you must also consider the obstacles your team members may face while wearing this protective gear. Ensure that your staff is safe when you choose Extreme Safety.


Fog is a potential issue that can arise while wearing safety goggles or glasses. Depending on your climate, airflow can be a problem in hot or humid conditions. Restricted airflow or moist air can cause lenses to fog up, creating blurred vision and severe hazards for workers.


Ensure that your safety goggles, glasses, or other gear are comfortable, especially during those long shifts. Uncomfortable goggles or glasses can irritate your face and eyes, so make sure that safety gear fits properly. Safety glasses sit on your face like regular glasses but are much larger. However, safety goggles fully clasp your face and eyes, offering complete protection from any elements. Extreme Safety can provide your business and employees with comfortable and durable safety gear!

How Extreme Safety Can Help Your Company!

Are you trying to decide whether safety goggles or glasses are right for your company? At Extreme Safety, we provide professional customer service and can assist all of our customers with any safety questions or point them to the right products. Our team is quick to react and has the resources to offer our customers a service level that has become scarce in today’s marketplace! To shop for safety equipment, visit us online at or call 310-856-0166 today!