Prevent accidents on the jobs and ultimately protect yourself.

When working in industries that involve operating heavy machinery, like the construction industry, it is no hidden secret that accidents on the jobs may happen. It could be something as simple as a loose shoes string that someone trips over and ends up critically hurting themselves or someone else. Perhaps one of your guys didn’t want to wear their protective eye wear and now they are going home with the loss of eyesight in one eye… Even though we cannot always protect every aspect of a crew of any size from harm, there are simple ways to prevent and ultimately protect yourself, your crew, and your work cite from harm and even fatal injuries.

4 Tips on How to Keep Your Crew, Your Job Site, and You Protected

  1. One way to easily take preventative measures on the job is by having morning meetings with your crew or anyone entering the job site that day. Do not be hesitant to brief clients on safety and enforce safety measures. Discuss with them the importance of items such as protective eyewear, gloves, vests, knee pads, steel toed boots, etc. Today just might be the day someone forgets to wear the right kind of shoes and they could end up going home with missing toes…
  1. Beyond discussing the safety of the items on your crew members, you should always note the importance of a clean environment. A cleaner environment will allow workers to avoid falling, tripping, burning, cutting themselves or someone near them. Having the right tools and materials for cleanup at the beginning, middle, and end of the day is just as crucial as wearing the proper attire for any job.
  1. Besides keeping up to date on safety wear, and cleanup supplies, it is vital to ensure all tools are working properly, not damaged, or that the damaged item is not just “patched over” in some way. For example, if your worker has a sticker on his hard hat, he might not even realize a crack has started to form underneath. In serious cases, this hard hat is not suitable for possibly saving his life if something were to come crashing down on him. Perhaps a blade on a saw has not been checked and now is not sitting snug in its proper position, it could veer off even just a slight bit and easily slice someone up pretty badly. Always practice mindfulness when it comes to working with heavy machinery. Always check and make sure everything is in working order, if it is not and it cannot be fixed, it is time to throw it out and get a new one. Do not take that risk of keep faulty equipment and machinery around!
  1. Something that might not seem relative to everyone but is in reality is extremely urgent, is to asses if someone on your job site is emotionally fit to be working. If your crew member is emotionally distressed in anyway, don’t ignore it! It is certainly not uncommon for a crew member to be blinded by anger, stress, or overtly upset by other issues not relating to the job and therefore might not be able to think clearly. This could spiral into greater issues such as property damage to your or your client, and in the worst case it could cause injury and/or fatalities. Do not feel afraid to speak with someone about emotional issues, let them have time to cool off or send them home for the day if needed. Maybe they just need to vent and are able to get back to work. Whatever the case may be, keep your eyes open for any possible hazards whether physical, mechanical, or emotional!

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