Ladder Safety around the Holidays

It’s time to start decorating your house for the holidays! That’s means you can finally pull out those Christmas lights out of the garage and start turning your home into a winter wonderland. Among most of the props you will use to décor your home; we all know that twinkle lights are the cherry on top for showing off that Holiday spirit. Even though it’s a time to have fun turning your house into a shining arcadia, you should also be aware of ladder safety when it comes to putting up Christmas lights or any other decoration on top of your house. Here are a few pointers to be aware of to prevent any unwanted accidents while using your ladder.

Always Check Your Equipment
Just before you get ready to climb onto your ladder, always make sure that it isn’t broken, and check to see if it’s operating accurately. Read the instruction labels for your ladder and make sure you look out for the height and weight recommendations. Don’t forget to establish that the ladder is on ground level and watch your step.

Become Aware of Your Surroundings
Weather can affect your ability to use your ladder correctly. High winds and heavy rain can affect the concentration of your work and if not vigilant can cause a slippery environment. And remember to always set your ladder on a flat surface.

Wear a Tool Belt
Always wear a tool belt when you are ready to climb up your ladder. When you carry tools in your hand it can be dangerous trying to catch your balance and also make it easier for you to have every tool necessary for the job up ahead, as well as saving you energy having to keep searching for the correct tools that you need. Beyond that, you don’t want to keep stretching on the ladder to reach for tools, this could lead to injuries.

Make Sure Your Ladder is Locked
If it’s a folding ladder that you are using, make sure that it’s locked. You don’t want to fall because the hinge isn’t secured properly.

No More Than One Person on the Ladder
It is fairly obvious to not have more than one person at on a ladder at the same time as you. This is dangerous also because it puts extra weight on the ladder causing it to break or lead to someone falling off.

Have Fun!
Remember to enjoy your work. Think of the outcome of what you are creating and relax. Sometimes working on something outdoors or indoors alone can be soothing and add some extra boosts of endorphins throughout your day!

At Extreme Safety we would like to wish you and your family a very happy and safe Christmas and New Year’s!

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Written by Sandra Ramirez