What Are Confined Space Gas Detectors

In many workplaces, occasionally working in confined spaces is part of the job. Often, they are a dangerous place to be if something goes wrong. An important safety step in protecting yourself and your workers is by monitoring the space for gas. Confined space gas detectors provide you with a correct way to monitor the air in line with OSHA requirements. 


What Are Confined Spaces?

Confined spaces are areas that are not easy to escape or enter. They’re typically not intended for long-term or continuous occupancy. Some examples of confined spaces include manholes, storm drains, HVAC ducts, silos, sewers, and water mains. A material that can engulf workers or a layout that can trap workers leads to many safety risks. Through safety precautions (such as gas detectors), the risk of mistakes can be decreased and even eliminated. 

Worker Entering Confined Space

Using a Confined Space Gas Monitor

These monitors can detect dangerous levels of toxic and combustible gases present in confined spaces. While many gases are odorless and colorless, the ones you can smell have likely already reached dangerous levels by the time you notice them. Gas monitoring equipment will detect hazards and let you know of the possible risks on the job site. Of course, for the monitors to work correctly, you must be trained to use them correctly. We recommend ensuring that everyone on your job site is trained on how to operate gas monitors along with other safety measures. 


Testing the Atmosphere in Confined Spaces

When in a confined space, the atmosphere needs to be monitored and tested according to the permit. It needs to be done with confined space gas detectors and testing equipment. The test results have to be recorded on the permit and compared to the safe-entry levels. The safety level of atmospheric conditions varies by industry, so it’s best to review the test results with a qualified professional who’s knowledgeable about the hazards on the worksite. 


Confined space gas detectors are usually light and small enough to wear while working. To stay ahead of potential atmospheric changes, you can test for flammable gases/vapors, toxic air contaminants, and oxygen content before entering, during re-entry, and throughout the entire time working. All employees need to be knowledgeable of the emergency procedures before entering hazardous and confined spaces. 


Extreme Safety

Confined space gas detectors will ensure the safety of your employees on the job site. Some detectors include alarm systems warning workers when they’re getting near dangerous levels and need to leave the premises. Following safety guidelines is the key to reducing the chances of an accident and staying safe. As experts in the workplace safety field, we’re more than happy to help and answer any questions! Give us a call at (310) 856-0166 or click here to contact us on our website