We have all seen safety symbols, but do we know what they mean? Safety signs can get confusing as most of them rely on images to warn you of potential danger. That is why it is important to be able to identify and understand them.

What are Safety Symbols?

Safety symbols are identifiable graphical symbols that warn or identify hazards associated with items or locations. They are images that are recognized universally that transcend languages. They will look the same, no matter where you are in the world. There are two main types of symbols. One recognizes general safety protocol, and the other one labels potential hazardous chemicals. Workplaces have both types of symbols placed around the job site, so being able to understand them is important. Not knowing what they mean will render them useless.

Types of Safety Symbols

There are four key types of safety symbols. Each category has its own color and shape that is consistent with its type. The four categories are:

  • Prohibition
  • Warning
  • Mandatory
  • Emergency

Prohibition Signs

Prohibition signs are represented by the color red. These signs usually ask you to stop doing something. They most likely have a red edging with a diagonal line. They inform people of dangerous behaviors and practices. Examples of what these signs represent include:

  • Do not touch
  • Do not enter
  • No access for unauthorized persons

Warning Signs

Warning signs are represented by the color yellow. These signs warn you of dangers or hazards nearby. They are triangular-shaped with a black pictogram and black edging. They inform people to be careful or to take precautions around certain places. Examples of what these signs warn you of include:

  • Electric shock
  • Biological hazard
  • Magnetic field

Mandatory Signs

Mandatory signs are represented by the color blue. These signs convey desired behaviors or actions. They are round-shaped with a white pictogram on a blue background. These types of safety signs most likely require some kind of safety equipment. To purchase safety equipment, click here. Examples of what these signs represent include one having to:

Emergency Signs

Emergency Signs are represented by the color green. These signs advise people of emergency equipment or facilities. They are rectangular or square-shaped with a white pictogram on a green background. These safety signs usually display exits, escape routes, doors, equipment, and facilities. Example of what they advise you of includes:

Hazard Signs

Hazard signs are represented by the color white. These signs warn people of potential hazards around them. They are usually diamond-shaped with a black pictogram, a red edging, and a white background. Examples of what these signs warn you of includes:

  • Flammable material
  • Compressed gas
  • Explosion hazard
  • Health hazard

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Knowing the basics of safety symbols will make identifying potential hazards easier. We care about your safety while on the job, so work hard, but safely! To shop for safety equipment, visit us online at http://www.extremesafety.com or call 310-856-0166 today!