At Extreme Safety, we are happy to announce that we have joined Safety Network! Through this network, we are able to help our customers and clients receive top quality supplies.

Safety Network is dedicated to serving and advancing the safety industry. They are not only safety buyers but are a hub for any safety industry answers, resources, and support. The mission is to enable partners and members to communicate with each other to develop relationships.

Safety training and education on SEE Certification is designed to help people become “Safety Specialist.”  It’s not just training, but also a combination with the leading safety manufacturers, top online education providers, safety leaders, and the world’s best distribution. And this is a benefit for everybody by increasing safety knowledge and passing it on to customers.

Safety Network also believes that everyone should have public access to their Environmental Health and Safety Information so they created Safeopedia. It’s a safety Wikipedia that anyone can go on to find out any questions related to safety. And for any additional information, you can read their blogs and ask questions on the forum page. There you will be engaging with safety suppliers, distributors, and specialist.

The Safety Marketplace has a plethora of safety products with information on each specific item. Each item description includes everything from features to finding a local distributor.

All members will benefit from first-class access to the premiere partners of Safety Network’s newsletters, blogs, updates on regulations, top protection products, and best practices.

Our partnership with Safety Network will connect us with a personal safety community that is powered by the industry itself. Working alongside this strong network of professionals, we are thrilled to share this knowledge with our customers.

At Extreme Safety, we are passionate about the safety industry and are always finding ways to innovate our store and safety expertise to provide better service and materials.

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