Yale® Hoist Yalelift 360™ ATEX YL ATEX 250GCF Hand Chain Hoist, 1/4 ton Load, 10 ft H Lifting, 13.19 in Min Between Hooks, 1.14 in Hook Opening

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  • - Enclosed robust stamped steel housing protects internal components, even in the toughest conditions
  • - Chain guide and internal gearbox are partially enclosed for protection in harsh environments
  • - For maximum corrosion protection, we use the MKS micro corrosion protection system consisting of Delta-Protekt® KL100 basecoat and Delta Seal® topcoat
  • - Patented hand chain cover rotates a full 360 deg to allow loads to be lifted, pulled or positioned from virtually any angle, in addition to providing maximum versatility, this unit offers a convenient way to maneuver loads without standing under the load
  • - Extremely low headroom allows for maximum use of the lifting height
  • - Braking power of our Weston style braking system provides positive load control and reliable performance
  • - Zinc plated or yellow chromated to protect against corrosion
  • - Minimal maintenance and easily disassembled with no special tools
  • - All internal gears and pinions are made of heat treated steel for high strength and long life
  • - Precision 4-pocket liftwheel and chain guide provide better chain fit and alignment, reducing wear and increasing chain life
  • - Drop forged load and suspension hooks made of high tensile steel yield under overload instead of breaking, hooks rotate 360 deg and are fitted with robust safety latches
- ASME B30.16|EU 2014/34/EU|99/92/EC
Part number:
Manufacturer Part No.: YL ATEX 250GCF
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The Yalelift 360™ ATEX hand chain hoist is the ideal manual hoist for harsh environments. Exceeding requirements for a classic hand chain hoist, the Yalelift 360™ ATEX is built for use in explosive atmospheres and features a unique patented hand chain cover that rotates a full 360 deg to lift loads from virtually any angle.
Load Capacity 1/4 ton
Hook Opening 1.14 in
Dimensions 6 x 18 in
Minimum Between Hooks 13.19 in
Brake Type Weston
Lifting Height 10 ft
ASME B30.16
EU 2014/34/EU