SmartWasher® 14767 SW-137 Water Based Mobile Parts Washer Kit

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  • - Convenient pre-packaged kit
  • - Uses bioremediation, the accelerated breakdown of organic compounds such as grease, grime, varnish, oil, carbon and other heavy industrial soils through the use of nonpathogenic microbes
  • - Microbes recirculate through the unit and literally eat their way through soils, converting them into harmless water and carbon Dioxide (CO2)
- ARRA Compliant|Buy American Act Compliant|NSF A1 Registered
Part number:
Manufacturer Part No.: 14767
UPC: 649123001299
Product Dimensions:
42 in x 55 in x 48 in (445 lb, Each)
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pH Range 6.8 to 7.8
Suitable For Use With SW-137 Mobile Heavyweight Parts Washer
Series SW-137
Specific Gravity 1.02
Type Water Based
ARRA Compliant
Buy American Act Compliant
NSF A1 Registered
Specification Sheet