Phoenix Contact 3200920 Insulated Ferrule, 14 AWG Conductor, 14 mm L, CU-DHP, Blue

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  • - The insulation reliability of close connections is increased and the splicing of wires is prevented
  • - The ferrules with plastic sleeve are made from soft tin-plated electrolytic copper
  • - The AI 0,25.. ferrules can also be used to process 0.14 sq-mm conductors
- RoHS Compliant|UL Listed|cUL Listed|CSAus Certified|cCSAus Certified|CSA Certified|EAC Certified|UL 94-HB Flammability rating
Part number:
Manufacturer Part No.: 3200920
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Temperature Rating 105 to 120 deg C
Specifications 0.15 mm Sleeve Wall Thickness, 8 mm Sleeve Length, 0.3 mm Insulating Collar Thickness, 11 mm Stripping Length, 8 mm Pin Length, Polypropylene Insulation
Finish Tin Plated
Length 14 mm
Conductor Size 14 AWG
Material CU-DHP
Dimensions 2.3 mm Dia
Color Blue
Type Insulated
RoHS Compliant
UL Listed
cUL Listed
CSAus Certified
cCSAus Certified
CSA Certified
EAC Certified
UL 94-HB Flammability rating
Specification Sheet