Orenco® Systems MA320 Two Part Adhesive, 7 oz Packet, White, <1 hr Curing

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  • - Clean, dry bonding surface required, roughened surfaces recommended for best bonding
  • - No dispensing gun required
Part number:
Manufacturer Part No.: MA320
Email for pricing/quote orders@extremesafety.com
MA320 is a 2-component methacrylate adhesive. It is used to bond PVC, ABS and fiberglass for strong, watertight joints. It will not bond to concrete. Roughen bonding surfaces with sandpaper for the best bond. Clean, dry bonding surfaces are required for proper adhesion. MA320 requires hand mixing.
Composition Methacrylate
Container Type Packet
Container Size 7 oz
Type Two Part
Work Life 10 to 20 min
Bonds To Bonds PVC, ABS, Fiberglass
Curing Time <1 hr
Color White
Specification Sheet