Loctite® Fixmaster® 209827 PC 7222 2-Part Wear Resistant Putty, 3 lb Kit, Paste Part A/Solid/Paste Part B Form, Dark Gray Part A, Gray Part B, Part A: 1.07/Part B: 2.228

  • - Ceramic fibers that give this trowelable putty excellent wear and abrasion resistant properties under typical dry service temperatures of -29 to 107 deg C
  • - Provides smooth, low friction finish for equipment exposed to wear, erosion, and cavitation
  • - Renews worn surfaces fast reduces downtime
  • - Small ceramic bead filled resists fine particle sliding abrasion, prolongs equipment life
  • - D 89 shore hardness
  • - 45 to 55 gel time at 25 deg C
  • - Epoxy hardener part A, epoxy resin part B
- ABS Approved|CFIA Approved|ISO Certified|NAVSEA|NEHC|OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1200|GHS Certified
Part number:
Manufacturer Part No.: 209827
UPC: 079340987432
Temperature Rating -30 to 105 deg C
Applicable Materials Aluminum, Brass, Concrete, Iron, Plastic, Steel, Wood
Application Time 30 min
Series PC 7222
Specific Gravity Part A: 1.07/Part B: 2.228
Container Size 3 lb
Flash Point Part A: > 93 deg C, Part B: 250 deg C
Composition Part A: Aluminum Oxide, Diethylenetriamine, Alkyl Phenol, Silicon Dioxide, Epoxy Polyamine Adduct, 4,4'-Isopropylidenediphenol, Triethylenetetramine, Substituted Piperazine, Titanium Dioxide, Aluminum, Alkyl Phenol, Benzyl Alcohol, Benzyldimethylamine ; Part B: Silicon Carbide, Epoxy Resin, Aluminum Oxide, Treated Fumed Silica, Cristobalite, Carbon Black, Aluminum
Base Type Epoxy
Color Dark Gray Part A, Gray Part B
Mixing Ratio 2:1 By Volume/2:1 By Weight
Shear Strength 2440 psi
Form Paste Part A/Solid/Paste Part B
Tensile Strength 3020 psi
Coverage 342 sq-cm at 6 mm THK/0.45 kg
Odor/Scent Part A: Ammoniacal, Part B: Slight/Epoxy
Container Type Kit
Type 2-Part
Curing Time 6 hr
ABS Approved
CFIA Approved
ISO Certified
OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1200
GHS Certified