Personal Protective Equipment for a Diverse Workforce Fits the Times

The earth has evolved in many ways! We’ve created giant skyscrapers, we’ve found cures to diseases, and we’ve even set foot on the moon! With all of these advancements, wouldn’t you think that personal protective equipment should be designed for a diverse workforce by now? While there are some companies that focus on creating safety equipment for specific groups of workers, it hasn’t been fully implemented worldwide. As opposed to common misconceptions, women aren’t just smaller versions of men. This blog will go over why personal protective equipment for a diverse workforce fits the times.

Not Just Small Men

Anthropometric data that has been utilized for years to create measurements for men and women do not reflect accurate modern-day body frames. However, it does identify that women are not the same size as that of smaller men. For example, women’s feet aren’t just smaller; they’re thinner, so wearing a small-sized men’s safety boot will not provide the snug fit needed for proper safety. The same goes for safety gloves. Women have narrower palm areas and thinner fingers. A loosely-fitted glove will not provide as much grip and sense of feel as one that is fitted correctly.

Male-Driven Designs

The Safety and Health industry has traditionally been worked around a male demographic. Because many of the experts who develop the standards for PPE are homogenous, there has been a lack of diversity on the committee that writes these regulations. This has led to PPE manufacturers creating safety equipment that is not just unsuitable for women, but also for people of different body sizes, types, and ages. These underrepresented groups have to either cover the costs of a suitable PPE (which can be really expensive), or wear the incorrect size PPE, which is a big safety concern.

PPE for a Diverse Workforce

The world has to adapt to the reality of the world, which means representing the diverse workforce that we have in place. Fortunately, we’re starting to see more and more industries adapting to the evolving workplace diversity. This is being seen in the area of Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE). Due to the increased need for these safety products to fit the user properly, a huge project was launched to create a set of standards that reflect current face shapes according to gender and size. Change and adaptation are happening, and this is just what the world needs. Personal protective equipment for a diverse workforce fits the times, and it’s time we spread this idea faster.

Diverse Workforce with Personal Protective Equipment

Increase Workplace Safety with Extreme Safety

An increasingly diverse workforce needs an increasing representation when it comes to personal protective equipment. Safety is something that should be for everyone, so ensuring that everyone gets represented is essential. With more women and other diverse groups entering male-dominated industries, employers and suppliers need to embrace and adapt to these changes. One size does not fit all, and neither does one shape, especially if a specific task requires certain movements which could be inhibited by unsuitable gear. We hope this blog helped you see why personal protective equipment for a diverse workforce is essential. If you’re looking to get PPE that matches your exact needs, give us a call at (310) 856-0166 or click here to explore our diverse PPE selection.