Job-related hearing loss is one of the most common hazards for American workers today. Since we spend one-third of our lives at work, it is important that we take measures to protect our ears from the long-term loud noise levels. That is why this blog will go over how to protect your hearing on the job.

How to Protect Your Hearing on the Job

Protecting Against Loud Noises

Protecting your hearing is important as the damage caused by it is permanent. The only way to improve your hearing would be with hearing aids. If workers are exposed to noise levels of 85 decibels or more for eight hours at a time, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that they’re at risk for developing permanent hearing problems. The louder the sound, the quicker and more severe the hearing loss. That is why it is important that people wear the proper hearing protection. This hazard could be prevented with the right equipment.

Signs and Symptoms of Hearing Problems

Exposure to loud noises damages the sensitive hair cells in the inner ear, causing temporary hearing loss. For example, after a concert, you may experience a ringing sound for a couple of hours. Although it disappears, repeated exposure to loud noises causes permanent damage. Early signs and symptoms of permanent hearing damage include:

  • Ringing or buzzing in the ears
  • Sensation of “fullness” in the ear
  • Hearing loss

Don’t get to the point of having permanent hearing damage. This hazard can be prevented.

Types of Hearing Protection

For the jobs that require being around loud work environments, using hearing protection is a must. Using hearing protection devices help prevent hazardous levels of noise from entering the inner ear. There are three main types of hearing protection PPE: earplugs, earmuffs, and ear canal caps.


Earplugs are inserted inside the ear canal. They are recommended for workers who work with loud noises for an extended amount of time. Different types of earplugs include:

  • Disposable earplugs – usually made of foam, making them easy to insert and comfortable to wear
  • Reusable earplugs – can be washed with water and soap to be used again
  • Corded earplugs – can be either disposable or reusable. They come with a cord so that workers can hang them around their neck

How to Protect Your Hearing on the Job


Earmuffs have cushions that cover the entire ear and block out noise. Since ear muffs have lower noise reduction ratings (NRR) than earplugs, they are recommended for workers who periodically enter and exit noisy work environments. Some earmuffs are designed to be used conjointly with other protective gear, such as hard hats.

How to Protect Your Hearing on the Job

Ear Canal Caps

Ear canal caps have a tensioned band that keeps the plug ends together. They have lower NRR than ear plague and earmuffs, which is why they’re recommended for workers that need to put on and take off their hearing plugs continuously.

Whether it’s long term or not, it’s important to protect your ears from loud noises on the job. At Extreme Safety, we care about the safety of all workers, which is why we offer the best quality hearing protection available. We hope this blog helped you see how to protect your hearing on the job. To purchase your hearing protection, visit our website, or give us a call at 310-856-0166 today!