The United States is vulnerable to disasters. Many states are exposed to multiple hazards, including wildfires, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and landslides. Construction sites should be well-prepared to face any natural disaster. Without sufficient disaster preparedness, a natural or man-made disaster can affect your business and endanger your employees. Here is how to prepare for natural disasters on construction sites so everyone remains safe.

Create a List of Disastrous Scenarios 

When creating an emergency response plan, it is important to create a list of worst-case scenarios to help you plan your strategies for handling them. You’ll want to analyze your construction site’s geographic location and determine some of the hazards it might have. For instance, determine if your construction site is near a fault line or a flood-prone area to prepare accordingly. Also, establish if there are internal hazards like chemicals and other flammable materials onsite. You should also note the impact of each scenario should a disaster occur.

Develop a Disaster Preparedness Plan 

For each scenario on your list, develop an emergency response plan that addresses how you and your workers will act should the disaster occur. In this plan, you need to determine the areas on the construction site that might need to be reinforced, moved, or removed. These may include the locations of generators, cranes, and other heavy equipment that may fall over during hurricanes and earthquakes. The plan should also assign responsibilities to individuals during a disaster. Establishing who does what during a disaster will make the flow of communication and decision-making smooth during a catastrophic event.

Establish a Command Post and First-Aid Station 

The flow of communication and decision-making is crucial during a disaster. Establishing a central command site that workers can refer to for guidance is important. Place the command post in a place that is least likely to be affected by a disaster. Your command post should include a set of radios to ensure communication continues without electricity, site layouts and blueprints to help first responders, a list of employees and their contact information, and backup power. The command post can also act as a first-aid station in case of injuries. First-aid kits, bandages, and other medical tools should be ready in case disaster strikes.

How to Prepare for Natural Disaster on Construction Sites

Train Your Site Employees in Disastrous Preparedness 

Your workforce and employees need to be equipped with training on how to handle emergencies. New crew members should be briefed on evacuation procedures and the protocols they should follow during a disaster. Safety organizations like your local fire department are always willing to facilitate your employees’ training.

Dealing with disasters can be complicated because they can strike when you least expect them. But with proper planning and workforce training, you can mitigate their impact on your jobs and job sites. If you need safety equipment that ensures your job sites are prepared for a natural disaster, reach out to Extreme Safety. We have all the equipment and resources you need to create a safe workspace for your employees. Give us a call at (310) 856-0166 or visit our website.