Are you trying to find different ways to implement standard work instructions (SWI’s) and improve safety at your company and amongst your workers? There are two levels of standard work instructions, the “what” and the “how”. Standard work instructions allow people to go through documented instructions on how to complete their job correctly. People are less likely to get hurt with written regulations while also enabling them to work more efficiently. If you’re looking for different ways to implement standard work instructions and improve safety at your business, then Extreme Safety is here to help!

The “What”

When it comes to standard work instructions, the “what” is what the work is and which tasks are involved in carrying it out. When new employees start working, they are given a list of tasks that need to be completed for the day. When new employees are handed a document that lists the different jobs they will perform each day, it puts them at ease.

The “How”

Understanding the “how” in exactly how the work should be completed is essential for employers and their workers when implementing standard work instructions at their company. For each task listed on the instructional document, there should be an explanation of how to perform each job correctly while also detailing methods to do it safely and effectively.

The 5 Levels of Knowledge Sharing

There are five primary levels of knowledge sharing when it comes to standard work instructions. These levels are:

  1. No process (“tribal knowledge”)
  2. There is a process, but it is not documented
  3. There is an established and written process in place
  4. Work processes are documented, standardized, and controlled
  5. Documented work instructions are continuously improved

As you get farther down in these five levels, your business will become safer and more efficient.

Creating Standard Work

If you don’t have a list of instructions for your employees and their tasks, firstly start by figuring out the “what”. Write down each job that your workers need to complete and rate them based on how critical the job is and the level of risk involved with each particular job. This lets you ensure that all of your workers are aware of their tasks and risks and gives them the proper instruction to do each project properly.

How Extreme Safety Can Help You!

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