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Workplace Accidents


Why? How often? And to whom do workplace accidents occur? These are good workplace safety questions. So how often do accidents occur in the workplace? A lot more often than people think. Every year over 3 million workers are injured [...]

Workplace Accidents2020-03-24T17:07:02-07:00

Tips for Buying Safety Footwear


Tips for Buying Safety Footwear Proper footwear is critical in construction, so here are some tips for buying safety footwear. Heavy dropped objects, sharp debris and implements strewn across the site and inclement weather all put workers without proper foot [...]

Tips for Buying Safety Footwear2020-01-30T18:08:51-08:00

Hearing Conservation


OSHA requires employers to enact a hearing conservation program in any workplaces where employees are exposed to 85 decibels of noise (8-hour time-weighted average). As you can imagine, construction sites and the equipment used on them regularly exceed this [...]

Hearing Conservation2019-12-30T13:49:19-08:00

Ensuring the safety of construction workers has never been easy. 


Ensuring safety Ensuring the safety of construction workers has never been easy – the industry has some of the highest numbers of work-related injuries and fatalities. According to the Bureau Labor of Statistics, there are 6,882,000 workers employed in [...]

Ensuring the safety of construction workers has never been easy. 2019-12-16T15:36:29-08:00