Many jobs require disposable clothing to maintain a safe and sanitary work environment. Maintaining the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) in your workspace is essential if your job calls for disposable clothing and proper PPE tools. Our team at Extreme Safety came up with the 6 jobs that call for disposable clothing and how we can assist your business with any PPE or other protective gear.

1. HAZMAT Operations

HAZMAT operations need full-body PPE equipment, like HAZMAT suits, to protect them from hazardous materials and toxic waste. These full-body suits and protective gear allow you to work freely in a place that may contain harmful toxins. If you’re looking for full-body suits and protective equipment, speak to one of our Extreme Safety experts.

2. Chemical Laboratories

When dealing with certain chemicals, it is crucial to wear protective gear to protect yourself in case of a spill or leak. Wearing PPE in chemical laboratories is essential when working in an environment like a lab. Changing into a fresh piece of protective clothing also prevents accidental contamination of any raw chemicals and compounds being created.

3. Health & Medical Professions

Health and medical professions must always wear PPE since they usually deal with the general public’s health issues. When doctors or nurses are working with a patient, they must wear protective gear to prevent the spread of disease and to help avoid contracting any diseases their patient may have.

4. Food Service

Food service workers deal with the public daily, interacting with them, handling their money, and handling their food items. This is why workers in the food service industry need to wear protective gear and disposable clothing when working with food items and dealing with customers.

5. Medical Device Manufacturing

Medical devices need to be kept sterile and sanitized for patients and employees. Workers must also be aware of the materials they’re working with and may be required to wear different protective gear in order to stay safe while operating a medical device.

6. Forensic Investigation

When dealing with a crime scene, forensic investigators and professionals must wear protective gear when working on a crime scene. They wear this gear to maintain evidence like DNA, ensure they don’t cross-contaminate different areas of the crime scene, or leave their fingerprints on items, which can heavily compromise the evidence they collect in an investigation.

How Extreme Safety Can Help you!

Are you looking for disposable clothing and protective gear for your workplace? Our Extreme Safety team can quickly assist you with any of your safety needs and provide you with the proper tools and gear to stay safe and secure while at work! We hope you found this blog on the 6 jobs that call for disposable clothing helpful! To shop for safety equipment, visit us online at or call 310-856-0166 today!