3 Reasons why confined space training is beneficial

If you work in a field that requires you to work in very small spaces, then confined space training is extremely beneficial for your safety. It can be dangerous to work in a limited space. Places like ventilation shafts, storage tanks, boilers, mines and silos can be very risky for employees that are not properly trained to work in these spots for long periods of time. And not only is this hazardous, but it is also illegal not to have the adequate training. Having proper training to work in confined spaces comes with some benefits.

Here are 3 reasons why confined space training can save your life:

Personal Safety

Understanding personal safety while working in a confined space is the most important part of training. After all, you are the person that is putting yourself at risk for your job. There can be a number of calamities that can occur during your time at work. So it’s in your favor to be prepared to act fast knowing how to fix or prevent a risky situation.

Accident Prevention and Acknowledgment

Accidents are bound to happen in any job or anyplace. Being prepared for accidents in a confined space is a very important part of this training. Learning how to observe emergency situations, communicating with everyone that is outside of the confined zone, and knowing how to use special equipment to help anyone that is injured inside the confined space will help prepare you in the case of any accident.

Permit vs. Non-Permit Spaces

In these courses you will also learn the difference between non-permit confined spaces and confined spaces that require permits. Each one is different and come with different safety measures. A non-permit space is big enough for any worker to enter and perform job duties. It also has limited or prohibited ways to enter and exit as well as not being designed for repeated occupancy. Permits also require the same guidelines as well as some added degrees of higher potential hazards.

At Extreme Safety, we offer courses in confined space regulations and training. We go in depth with the safety requirements that are needed to know and also go into the different training between permit and non-permit spaces.

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